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Join us for Pagan Pride Day
September 15, 2012, Wingfield Park in Reno Nevada!


Welcome to the Northern Nevada Pagan Pride website! We are very excited about 2012. Pagan Pride Day is going back to where it all started. We will be Downtown in Reno at Wingfield Park from 9 to 5 pm.There will be vendors, food, music, drumming, workshops, magic, and childrens activities. It is a wonderful place to connect with old and new friends.

We have two exciting Fundraisers for PPD coming up. The first is a Yule Auction going online at Midnight on Sunday. This Auction will last till Friday at Midnight. We have some wonderful things that were donated. This will kick us off and help us reach our goal for funds we need to raise for the coming year. To Check out the auction and bid on items, go to We appreciate your support!

The second is a Masqurade Ball. This event will be held on February 4th, 2012 at the UU Fellowship in Reno. This event is being hosted by The Gate Ritual Group of Reno for the benefit of Northern Nevada Pagan Pride Day 2012. Tickets to the event will cost $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets will be sold through the Gate Ritual Group, The Fundraising Team and at two local outlets, The Pathways Spirit and Grassroots Bookstore. Ticket monies will be handled through the Gate Ritual Group, and all proceeds for the event will be paid to NNVPPD after expenses and hall rental have been recouped. Estimated expense for use of UU Fellowship is 10% of tickets sold. 100% of the resulting proceeds will be given to NNVPPD. Initial funding for the creation and presentation of event is assumed by the Gate Ritual Group.

Event will include:

Imbolc Ceremony performed by The Gate Ritual Group
Performance by Bards of Avalon
Performance by Controlled Burn (Pending, Not Confirmed)
Performance by local dance troope (Pending, Not confirmed)
Free Divinations by local Readers
Event Keepsake pictures (Provided by NNVPPD)
Silent Auction (Facilitated By NNVPPD)
Refreshments (provided by Gate Ritual Group)

Silent Auction: The Silent Auction is being run by NNVPPD fundraising team. Lead is Rose Root-Hudson with support from Susanna Grows and Samantha Hines. All donations to the Silent Auction are to be passed to Rose for collection and cataloging. Pictures and descriptions will be posted via Facebook and Website to generate interest in the event. Silent Auction will open at 6:30 and close at 9pm. All items must be paid for and collected at the event. Only Cash or Checks will be accepted. Any expenses incurred with the organization and facilitation of the Silent Auction is the responsibility of NNVPPD, as well as any receipts for donations under their non-profit status.

The new website is under construction, but we hope to have updates posted regularly, and the new and improved site up and running soon. Be sure to check back to see what is new and exciting, and watch for the new website so that you can tell us what you think!

Mystical Blessings,
Kaylee aka Mystary

If you would like more information on Northern Nevada Pagan Pride, you can contact me at

Event Coordinator


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